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  • verb
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Wright's OE grammar
to reach by sending, send for, summon
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  • Ofsænd se cyng Godwine eorl

    the king sent for earl Godwin

      Chr. 1048; Erl. 178, 7.
  • Ðá sende se cyng æfter ðám scypon ðe hé ofsendan mihte

    the king sent after the ships that his summons could reach

    , 1049 ;
      Erl. 172, 39.
[Heo him radden ðat he ofsende magan, Laym. 15748. Þis kyng ys knyȝtes let ofsende, R. Glouc. 122, 21.]
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  • of-sendan, v.