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  • verb [ preterite-present ]
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of-unnan, I. in a bad sense, to begrudge a person (dat. ) anything (gen. ),
Wright's OE grammar
wish to deprive a person of anything
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  • Se biþ ðæm ísene gelíc se ðe ofan his níhstan his lífes

    ferro utitur, qui vitae proximi insidiatur,

      37. 3: Swt- 269, 7.
  • Se ðe (the devil) him


    lífes ofonn,
      Exon. Th. 107, 10; Gú. 56: 265, 7; Jul. 377.
  • II. to refuse to grant: — Ðám ðe gé forgifenysse ofunnon him biþ oftogen seó forgyfenys

    to whom ye refuse forgiveness, from them shall forgiveness be withheld,

      Homl. Th. i. 370, 8.
  • [O. Sax. af-unnan: cf. O. H. Ger. ab-unst invidia, livor : Ger. ab-gunst: Icel. af-und (öfund).]
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  • of-unnan, v.