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  • noun [ masculine ]
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plóg, es ; m.
Wright's OE grammar
§291; §323;
A plough ; with this meaning the word occurs in Icel. and O. H. Ger., but in A. S. it seems to mean land, a plough of land (cf. Cath. Angl. p. 284
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  • a ploghe of land carrucata. In the Tale of Gamelyn, the knight, bequeathing his estate says :-- ' Johan myn eldeste sone shall have plowes fyve, And my myddeleste sone fyf plowes of lond.' Plowlond


    þat a plow may tylle on a day,
      Prompt. Parv. 405.
  • In Ælfric's Colloquy the ploughman says : Ǽlce dæg ic sceal erian fulne æcer oððe máre.

    Pleuch a quantity of land for caring for which one plough suffices, Jamieson's Dict.), the word sulh being used to denote the implement :-- Ic hit (property )

    ágnian wille tó ágenre ǽhte, ðæt ðæt ic hæbbe, and nǽfre ðé myntan ne plot ne plóh, ne turf ne toft, ne furh ne fótmǽl,
      L. O.; Th. i. 184, 6.
[Icel. plógr; m. a plough; plógs-land an acre: O. H. Ger. pfluoc aratrum.]
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  • plóg, n.