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  • noun [ feminine ]
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rád, e; f.
Wright's OE grammar
§133; §367; §562;
Furniture (of a house), harness (of a horse)
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  • Rád byþ on recyde rinca gehwylcum séfte and swíðhwæt ðam ðe sitteþ onufan meare mægenheardum ofer mílpaþas

    in the house is for each man furniture soft, and (the furniture for the horse, the harness) very strong for him that sits on the stout steed, traversing the roads,

    Runic pm.
      Kmbl. 349, 11; Rún. 5.
[Cf. Icel. reiða implements, outfit; reiði; n. harness; reiði; m. tackle, harness.]
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v. brand-rád, ge-rǽde, rǽde-sceamol.
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  • rád, n.