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  • verb [ weak ]
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a-déman, p. de; pp. ed
To judge, adjudge, doom, deem, try, abjudicate, deprive; examinare, abjudicare, judicio facto relegare
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  • Lícode Gode hire ða hálgan sáule eác swylce mid longre hire líchoman untrymnesse adémde and asodene beón

    it pleased God that her holy soul should also be tried and seethed with long sickness of her body,

      Bd. 4, 23;S. 595, 15.
  • Ðú adémest me fram duguðe

    thou deprivest me of good,

    • Cd. 49; Th. 63, 14
    • ;
    • Gen. 1032
    • .
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  • a-déman, v.