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regn-, in the compounds regn-heard, -meld, -þeóf, -weard has an intensive force, implies greatness, might. The word occurs as part of many proper names, e.g. Rǽdwoldes sunu wæs Regeuhere geháten,
    Bd. 2, 12; S. 515, 10. Some of these e. g. Reginald are still used.
    [Cf. Goth. raginón to rule; ragineis a ruler, counsellor; ragin ordinance, counsel : Icel. regin; pl. n. (in ancient poems) the gods, the rulers of the universe; forming part of compounds, mighty, great; ragn-, rögn- in proper names : so O. Sax. regin- : O. H. Ger. ragin-, regin- in proper names, v. Grff ii. 384.
Wright's OE grammar
§80; §163; §219; §278; §285; §321; §340;
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v.  regen- regn-heard regn-meld regn-þeóf regn-weard.
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