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  • noun [ masculine ]
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a shad
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  • Ic geann Ælfhelme and Wulfáge ðæra landa betwux Ribbel and Mærse and on Wirhalum . . . on ðæt gerád ðonne sceaddgenge sý ðæt heora ǽgðer sylle .iii. þúsend sceadda intó ðære stówe æt Byrtúne I grant to Ælfhelm and Wulfeah the lands between the Ribble and the Mersey, and in Wirral . . .

    on the condition that, when shad are in season, each of them give .iii. thousand shad to the convent at Burton,

      Chart. Th. 544, 21-31.
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  • sceadd, n.