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  • noun [ masculine ]
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scipe, es; m.
Wright's OE grammar
pay, stipend
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  • Scipe vel bigleofa


      Wrt. Voc. i. 20, 33.
  • [Hi nolleþ paye þet hi ssolle, and hi ofhealdeþ þe ssepes of ham þet doþ hare niedes,

      Ayenb. 39, 5
    (the word occurs several times in this work). Withholdyng or abrigging of the schipe or the hyre or the wages of servauntes, Chauc. Persones T. (De Ira).
  • And cf.

    Ne mihte ic of þan kinge habben scipinge; ich spende mine ahte þa wile þa heo ilaste,

      Laym. 13656.
state, condition, dignity, office
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  • Hæbbe ic mínes cynescipes gerihta swá mín fæder hæfde, and míne þegnas hæbben heora scipe (cf. se déma ðe óðrum wóh déme . . . þolige á his þegenscipes,

      L. Edg. ii. 3; Th. i. 266, 15-18) on mínum tíman swá hý hæfdon on mínes fæder, L. Edg. S. 2; Th. i. 272, 28.
  • ¶ -scipe -ship, helps to form many nouns.
[O. Frs. -skipe, -skip: O. Sax. -skepi.]
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  • scipe, n.