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  • verb [ uncertain ]
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Wright's OE grammar
to make a loud sound
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  • Ðonne wín hweteþ beornes breóstsefan stígeþ cirm on corþre cwide scralletaþ missenlíce

    when wine excites a man's mind, clamour arises in the company, they cry out with speech diverse,

      Exon. Th. 314, 27; Mód. 20.
  • Sum sceal mid hearpan æt his hláfordes fótum sittan snere wrǽstan lǽtan scralletan

    one shall sit with a harp at his lord's feet, bend the strings, mate them send forth loud sound,

      332, 10; Vy. 83.
[Cf. Dan. skralde to sound loud; and see shrill in Skeat's Etym. Dict.]
Full form


  • scrallettan, v.