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  • verb [ weak ]
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scunian, sceonian; p. ode.
Wright's OE grammar
to shun, fear, avoid a thing from fear
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  • Hé his hatunge fleáh and scunode. Guthl. 19; Gdwin. 76, 16.
to be afraid
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  • Scunian


      Ps. Spl. T. 69, 2.
to detest, abhor
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  • Mid áne móde wurð hé gescunned

    uni animo detestetur,

      Chart. Th. 318, 37.
[Mi uader scunede (sonede, 2nd MS.) þene cristindom & þa hæðene laȝen luuede to swiðe, þa we sculleð sceonien (hatie, 2nd MS.), Laym. 14868. Birrþ þe shunenn (avoid from fear) to follȝhenn ohht tærinne, Orm. 4502. Ancren owen to hatien ham, and schunien, þ heo ham ne iheren, A. R. 82, 23. Þu ahtest þis werc ouer alle þing to schunien (avoid with abhorrence, abhor), H. M. 35, 11. Al hit him uleh and scunede, þet him er luuede, O. E. Homl. i. 79, 29. ȝif him wrattheth, be ywar and his weye shonye (avoid from fear). Piers P. prol. 174.]
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v. á-, on-scunian.
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  • scunian, v.