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-tig, -ty, a numeral suffix in words denoting the decades; up to 60 such words are formed with a suffix only, from 60 to 120 hund is prefixed and tig suffixed, hund-seofon-tig, hund-twelf-tig. Other dialects make a distinction in the numerals at the same point. Gothic uses tigus (pl. tigjus) in the earlier, -téhund in the later, O. Saxon -tig in the earlier, while 70 is given by ant-siƀunta; in
Wright's OE grammar
O. H. Ger. the two forms are -zug and -zó. In O. Frs. and Icel. the same forms are used throughout. Tig is another form of the root seen in ten (tehan, g for h according to Verner's Law).
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