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  • noun [ masculine ]
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tyht, es; m.
Wright's OE grammar
§326; §387;
way, manner of conducting one's self, usage, practice
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  • Ic ðé giungne underféng untýdne and ungelǽredne and mé tó bearne genom and tó mínum tyhtum getýde ... Ðú mé wǽre leóf ǽr ðon ðe ðú cúþest mínne tyht and míne þeáwas

    I received thee young, uninstrucíed and untaught, and took as my child and brought thee up to my ways ... Thou wast dear to me before thou knewest my way and my customs, Bt. 8; Fox 24, 23-27. [Þat (moderation )

    is þeaw ant tuht forte halden,
      O.E. Homl. i. 247, 32.
  • Cf. For þere ilke tuhtle (þinge, 2nd MS.) cnihtes weoren ohte,

      Laym. 24675.
  • Elche untuhtle heo talden unwurðe, 24655.]
motion, move, march, v. teón, IV, tohte,
and see passages from Layamon under tyhtan, I
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  • Werod wæs on tyhte

    the army was on the march,

      Elen. Kmbl. 106; El. 53.
  • Líg scríþeþ ... brond biþ on tyhte,

      Exon. Th. 51, 7; Cri. 812.
  • Fýr biþ on tihte,

      233, 16; Ph. 525.
in ofertyht (?) a covering, what is drawn over. v. ofer-teón ; and cf.
Ger. über-zug
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  • Þrong niht ofetiht londes frætwa

    night, the covering drawn over the land's decorations, pressed on,

      Exon. Th. 179, 3; Gú. 1256.
[Goth. us-tauhts a carrying out, completion: O.H. Ger. zuht disciplina, eruditio, nutrimentum.]
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v.  ofer-tyht.
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  • tyht, n.