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  • noun [ masculine ]
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BEARD, es; m.
Wright's OE grammar
§66; §335;
a BEARD; barba
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  • Ne beard ne sciron nec radetis barbam,

    • Lev. 19, 27
    • ;
  • nether ge schulen schave the beerd,

    • Wyc.
  • Smyringc niðerfeól on bearde, bearde Aarones

    unguentum descendit in barbam, barbam Aaronis,

    • Ps. Lamb. 132, 2
    • .
the Anglo-Saxons were proud of their beards, and to shave a layman by force was a legal offence
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  • Gif man ðone beard ofascire, mid xx scillinga gebéte. Gif he hine gebinde, and ðonne to preoste bescire, mid LX scillinga gebéte

    if a man shave off the beard, let him make amends [boot] with xx shillings. If he bind him, and then shave him like a priest, let him make amends [boot] with lx shillings,

    • L. Alf. pol. 35; Th. i. 84, 8
    • .
Laym. baerd
Plat. Dut. baard, m
Frs. berd, bird, m
Ger. bart, m
Icel. bart, n.
Full form


  • BEARD, n.