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þíht, adj.
Tight, firm, strong. This word seems to be the second part in each of the two compounds found in the following charm
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  • Gehwér férde ic me ðone mǽran magaþíhtan mid ðysse mǽran meteþíhtan ðonne ic mé wille habban and hám gán,

      Lchdm. iii. 68, 17.
[Thyht, hool fro brekynge integer, solidus; thyhtyn or make thyht integro, consolido, solido, Prompt. Parv. 491. Halliwell gives thiht close, compact, as an Eastern counties word. M. H. Ger. díhte: Ger. dicht: Icel. þéttr.]
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v.  mága-þíht mete-þíht.
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  • þíht, adj.