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  • noun [ masculine ]
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underling, es; m. (the word seems to occur only in late texts)
Wright's OE grammar
An underling, a subordinate, a subject
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  • Heó (

    the Jews

    ) syððen ǽfre unwurðe wǽron on heora lífdagen and get synden underlinges,
      Homl. Ass. 194, 50.
  • Eádward kyng grét Harald eurl and alle his undurlynges (

    omnes meos ministros

    ) in
      Herefordeshíre, Cod. Dip. Kmbl. iv. 218, 14.
[Leir king scal beon eouwer lauerd ... & Aganippus ure king scal beon his underling, Laym. 3657. Inobedience, þet is ... underling þet ne buhð nout his prelat, A. R. 198, 18.]
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  • underling, n.