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Substitute: To abye. v. N. E. D.
to buy off, redeem a person
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  • Drihten ús mid his blóde ábohte of helle hæftnéde,

      Bl. H. 91, 12.
to pay for, atone for wrong-doing
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  • Gif frí man wið fríes mannes wíf geligeð, his wergelde ábicge,

      Ll. Th. i. 10, 7.
  • Þu me smite . . . ah sare þu it salt abuggen. Lay. 8158, Bute ȝif he abugge þe sunne þet he wrouhte,

      A. R. 306.
to perform what was necessary for the discharge of a legal obligation
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  • Cliroc feówra sum hine clǽnsie, and áne his hand on wiófode; óðre ætstanden áð ábycgan, i. e.

    the principal, with one hand on the altar, made oath; the compurgators stood by and by their oaths redeemed him from the obligation under which, so long as his oath was unsupported, he lay

      Ll. Th. i. 180, 17-19), Ll. Th. i. 40, 18.
  • [If byrgan (cf. borg) could be read for bycgan,,] Cf. á-ceápian.
Full form


  • á-bycgan,