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  • verb [ strong ]
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be-teldan, bi-teldan; p. -teald, pl. -tuldon; pp. -tolden [be, teldan to cover, teld a tent].
Wright's OE grammar
To cover, cover over, surround, overwhelm; tegere, supertegere, circumdare, obruere
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  • He ðæt wælreáf wyrtum biteldeþ

    he covers the dead spoil with herbs,

      Exon. 59 b; Th. 217, 1; Ph. 273.
  • Láme bitolden

    covered with clay [buried],

    64 a;
      Th. 235, 11; Ph. 555 : 64 b; Th. 238, 25; Ph. 609.
  • Hæfde sigora weard betolden leófne leódfruman mid lofe sínum

    the lord of triumphs had surrounded the dear chieftain with his praise,

      Andr. Kmbl. 1976; An. 990.
  • Fuglas hringe beteldaþ Fénix

    the birds surround the Phœnix in a ring,

      Exon. 6o b; Th. 221, 24; Ph. 339.
  • Wæs wópes hring torne bitolden

    the weeping circle was overwhelmed with grief,

    15 b;
      Th. 34, 6; Cri. 538.
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v.  bi-teldan bi-tolden.
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  • be-teldan, v.