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  • noun [ masculineneuter ]
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Wright's OE grammar
§59; §310;
a field (?)
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  • Þis synt þá denbára . , . gelecan camp,

      C. D. ii. 216, 6.
  • Wæst tó rocggan campæs geatæ, v. 255, 32.
  • Tó wígan campe,

      313, 10: vi. 67, 9.
  • On todan camp; of todan campe, iii. 425, 27. [O. L. Ger. kamp an enclosure, field: O. Frs. kamp an enclosed piece of land. v. Jellinghaus

    s. v.

    kamp, a word in place names, which is almost exclusively Saxon and Frisian 'Der kamp ist ein eingefriedigter als
      Ackerland, Weide, Wiese oder Holzung dienender grösserer Landfleck.' See also Midd. Flur. s.v. camp. From Latin.
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  • camp, n.