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proper for mature years, of the character that should belong to age
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  • Cildlic on geárum and ealdlic on móde. Hml. S. 7, 9.
  • Sé of þǽre tíde his cnihthádes wæs berende ealdlice heortan (

    cor gerens senile

      Gr. D. 95, 1.
  • Biscopum gebirað ealdlice wísan,

      Ll. Th. ii. 318, 29.
belonging to early times, original, authentic (?)
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  • Mid ealdlecre

    (printed -letre, but for -lec = -lic v.ll. l, 12 on same page) autentica veterum (the passage glossed is:

    Authentica veterum auctoritate,
      Ald. 35, 26.
  • Cf. An. Ox. 2597 which has: authentica .i. auctoritate plena mid heálicum; so perhaps ealdlic

    should be rendered

      Cf. eald, VIII), Wrt. Voc. ii. 2, 57.
[Cf. Oxe aldelike lateþþ behaves with gravity, Orm. 1229. Full aldeliȝ to fraȝȝnenn with all proper seriousness to ask, 2553.]
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  • eald-lic,