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Wright's OE grammar
a gore of land [' When a field, the sides of which are straight, but not parallel, is divided into lands, the angular piece at the side is called a gore. ' Leicester Gloss. in N. E. D.]
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  • Of ðám .iii. æceran to ðám gáran; of ðám gáran tó ðám óðran gáran,

      C. D. iii. 423, 31.
  • Tó ðám ealdan gáran,

      37, 28.
  • On ðone scearpan gáran weste-werdne,

      279, 22.
  • On ðone ealdan gáran; of ðám gáran á be heúfdan,

      438, 29.
  • Ymbútan ǽnne gáran,

      456, 21.
  • On snelles gáron,

      97, 32.
  • On ðone smalan gáre,

      10, 28.
a gore of material, flap, lappet. Cf.
Prompt. Parv. goore of a clothe lacinia
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  • Sadol sella, felt menlo, gáran


      Wrt. Voc. i. 83, 72.
[v. N. E. D. gore. O. Frs. gáre a lappet: O. H. Ger. géro : Ger. gehren: Icel. geiri a triangular strip; land-geiri a gore of land.]
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v. flít-gára, fyrs-gára ;
and cf. gár-æcer.
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  • gára,