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ge-, Both ge- and gi- are used in the oldest glossaries: e. g. on p. 48 of O. E. T. nine words with the prefix occur; in four cases both the Epinal and Erfurt glosses have gi-, in one they have ge-, in two the Epinal has ge- where the Erfurt has gi-, and in two the Epinal has gi- where the other has ge-. In each case the Corpus Gloss. has ge-. In this glossary, however, gi- is found, e. g. gi-brec, 2152, and in later glossaries also, e. g. gi-mynd, Wrt. Voc. ii. 53, 73. Besides the forms given may be noted ga-eddun, Erf. 75 ; gy-byrdid, Ep. 228.In the Durham Ritual the regular form is gi-.
Wright's OE grammar
§12; §252; §268; §460; §462; §560; §574; §651;
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  • ge-, prefix