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  • noun [ feminine ]
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BÓT, e; f.
Wright's OE grammar
help, assistance, remedy, cure; auxilium, remedium, emendatio, sanatio
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  • Hér ys seó bót, hú ðú meaht ðíne æceras bétan

    here is the remedy, how thou mayest improve thy fields,

      Lchdm. i. 398, 1.
  • Findest ðú ðǽr æt bóte and ælteowe hǽlo

    thou shalt find therein a remedy and perfect healing,

      Herb. 1, 29; Lchdm. i. 80, 6.
  • Byþ hræd bót

    the cure will be quick,

      Med. ex Quadr. 6, 15; Lchdm. i. 354, 11.
BOOT, compensation due to an injured person as damages for the wrong sustained, redressing, recompense, an amends, a satisfaction, correction, reparation, restoring, renewing, repentance, an offering; compensatio, emendatio, reparatio, oblatio
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  • Gif feaxfang geweorþ, L scætta to bóte

    if there be a taking hold of the hair, let there be 50 sceats for compensation,

      L. Ethb. 33; Th. i. 12, 3.
  • For bóte his synna

    for a redressing of his sins,

      Bd. 4, 25; S. 599, 32: 5, 13; S. 632, 13.
  • Bringaþ ánne buccan to bóte

    bring a kid for an offering,

      Lev. 4, 23, 28: L. Alf. pol. 2; Th. i. 62, 6: Bd. 1, 27; S. 489, 9.
  • ¶ To-bóte to-boot, with advantage, moreover, besides.
[Piers P. boote: Laym. Orm. bote: Plat. bote, f: O. Sax. bóta, f: O. Frs. bote, f: Dut. boete, f: Ger. busze, f: M. H. Ger. buoz, buoze: O. H. Ger. bóza, f: Goth. bota, f: Dan. bod, c: Swed. bot, m: Icel. bót, f.]
Derived forms
DER. bric-bót, bricg-, burh-, hád-, weofod-.
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  • BÓT, n.