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  • noun [ masculine ]
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BÚC, es; m.
Wright's OE grammar
the belly, stomach; venter, alvus
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  • Hit is betwux túðum tocowen and into ðam búce asend

    it is chewed between the teeth and sent into the stomach,

      Homl. Th. ii. 270, 34.
a vessel that bulges out, as a bottle, jug, pitcher; lagena, hydria
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  • Búc


      Wrt. Voc. 83, 24.
  • Þurch heora bláwunge and ðæra búca swég

    through the sound of their blowing and of the pitchers,

      Jud. 7, 21.
  • Hí tobrǽcon ða búcas mid micelre brastlunge

    they broke the pitchers [hydrias confregerunt] with great crashing,

      7, 20.
[Chauc, bouke bulk, bodý: Plat. buuk, m. venter: O. Sax. búk, m. weer: Frs. buk, m. f. venter: O. Frs. buk, buch, m. venter: Dut. buik, m. belly: Kil. buyck corporis truncus: Ger. bauch, m. venter, alveus: M. H. Ger. búch, m- venter: O. H. Ger. búh, m. venter: Dan. bug, m. f the stomach, belly or middle of a vessel: Swed. buk, m. belly: Icel. búkr, m. the trunk, body.]
Derived forms
DER. wæter-búc.
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v. æscen, hrygile-búc.
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  • BÚC, n.