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Wright's OE grammar
Add: , -eht; -ihte, -ehte, -ehti, -ecti. As wost adjectives with one or other of these forms occur in the oblique cases only, it is impossible to say which form should be given in the nominative; but the -iht is found in þorniht, and the -ihte (-ehte, -ecti) in écilmehti, bogehte, clibecti (clifihte), ómihte, stánihte, þóchte; uncertain instances are cambiht(e), clufeht(e), flániht(e), hǽriht(e), hǽþiht(e), helmiht(e), hóciht(e), horheht(e), horweht(e), hreódiht(e), hrísiht(e), ífiht(e), ísiht(e), rysciht(e), siniht(e), sandiht(e), þyniht(e), wáriht(e), wud-iht(e), wundiht(e).
[Cf. O. H. Ger. -ohti.]
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  • -iht, suffix