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  • Ic an heom ꝥ hý habben ... infangeneðeóf (In the Latin version of the charter this is rendered: Concedo ut habeant ... potestatem fures in terra sua cum re furtiua deprehensos in ios uocandi et puniendi),

      C.D. iv. 202, 8.
  • Mid tolle and teáme and infangenenðéf,

      217, 29.
  • Ic an toll and teám and infangeneðéf,

      216, 5, and often,
Add v. handfangen[e]-, útfangene-þeóf.
[v. N.E.D. infangthief.]
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v.  útfangene-þeóf.
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  • infangene-þeóf,