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sǽd-berende, In a legend of the Holy Cross Seth is represented as bringing seeds from Paradise, whither he had been sent by Adam: Seth, ita edoctus ab angelo cum uellet discedere, dedit ei angelus tria grana pomi illius, de quo manducauerat pater eius dicens ei: 'Infra triduum cum ad patrem tuum redieris ipse exspirabit. Haec tria grana infra eius linguam pones, &c.' If the poet of the Genesis knew such a legend it might have suggested the epithet he applied to Seth. v. Mod. Lang. Rev. vi. 200. See, too, C. M. 1365
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  • His leue Seth toke of cherubyn, and þre curnels he ȝaf to hym whiche of ꝥ tre he nam ꝥ his fadir eet of Adam.
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  • sǽd-berende, adj.