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Wright's OE grammar
§51; §57; §312; §508;
1. Add
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  • Hý mé underféngon ǽr ðám ic sceóc (the first c is written over e; but cf. Angl. xii. 511, 26 which has sceóc) fram ðé tó hym

    isti me quando a te fugiebam acceperunt alienum,

      Solil. H. 12, 9.
to brandish
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  • Sceóc

    uibrabat (macheram),

      An. Ox. 14, 4.
to put into a quaking motion
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  • Þurh þæs windes blǽs þe swýðlíce þá heánnyssa þæs roderes seceð mid his þodenum,

      Angl. 320, 34.
add: The passage to which belongs the gloss in Wrt. Voc. ii. 66, 80 is: Coronam inextricabili plectra
    Ald. 54, 7.
Full form


  • sceacan,