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  • noun [ masculine ]
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cantic, es; m.
A canticle, song; canticum
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  • Hafaþ se cantic ofer ealle Cristes béc wídmǽrost word

    the canticle hath the greatest repute over all Christ's books,

      Salm. Kmbl. 99; Sal. 49.
  • Ðæt ic sí gebrydded þurh ðæs cantices cwide

    that I may be touched through the word of the canticle,

      33; Sal. 17.
  • Moises wrát ðone cantic and lǽrde Israéla folc

    scripsit Moyses canticum et docuit filios Israel,

      Deut. 31, 22: 31, 19: Salm. Kmbl. 47; Sal. 24: Ps. Th. 143, 10.
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  • cantic, n.