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Cantwara burg

  • noun [ feminine ]
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Cantwara burg, Cantware-burg, Cantwar-burg, -burh; gen. burge; f; Cantwara byrig, e; f. [Cant-wara, gen. pl. of Cant-ware Kentish men, burh a city]
A city or fortress of the men of Kent; Cantuariorum urbs vel castellum.
CANTERBURY; Durovernensis civitas
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  • Cantwara burg forbærn ðý geáre

    Canterbury was burnt in that year,

      Chr. 754; Th. 80, 35, col. 1.
  • Brǽcon Cantwara burh

    they took Canterbury by storm,

      853; Th. 120, 28, col. 3.
  • Ða sealde Æðelbyrht him wununesse and stówe on Cantwara byrig, seó wæs ealles his ríces ealdorburh

    dedit ergo Ædilberctus eis mansionem in civitate Durovernensi [Canterbury] , quæ imperii sui totius erat metropolis,

      Bd. 1, 25; S. 487, 18: 4, 5; S. 572, 9.
  • To Cantwarebyrig

    to Canterbury,

      Chr. 1009; Th. 260, 37.
  • He wæs bebyrged innan Cantwarbyrig he was buried within Canterbury, 690; Th. 65, 23, col. 1: 754; Th. 81, 36. II. Rochester; Roffensis civitas, Roffa Putta Cantwara burhge bisceop, seó is cweden æt Hrofesceastre

    Putta Episcopus castelli Cantuariorum, quod dicitur Rofecester,

      Bd. 4, 5; Whelc. 272, 35.
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  • Cantwara burg, n.