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Wright's OE grammar
§126; §490;
Add: to mount a horse
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  • Hé him sylf sóna strád (ástáh.v. l.) upon his hors ipse statim ascendent equum, Gr. D. 81, 20. [Wiche strides he makede dunward and eft uppard, ꝥ seið Salomon . . .

    'Ecce uenit saliens in montibus et transiliens colles'

    'here he cumeð stridende fro dune to dune, and ouerstrit þe cnolles,'
      O. E. Hml. ii. 111, 34.
    ] Þe leome gon striden a seoue strengen, Laym. 17982.
  • Towarde þe autere gon he stride,

      C. M. 10235.
  • Mon in the mone stond ant strit,

      Spec. 110, 1.
  • Sete forth thyn other fot, stryd over sty,

      111, 2.
  • Love is stalewarde and strong for to striden on stede,

      An. Lit. 96, 9.
Full form


  • strídan,