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  • noun [ masculine ]
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CEALC, es; m.
Wright's OE grammar
§64; §311;
Plaster, cement, CHALK; calx arenata, calx
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  • Iuuinianus wæs sume niht on ánum niwcilctan húse: ðá hét he bétan ðǽr-inne mycel fýr, forðon hit wæs ceald weder. Ðá ongan se cealc mid ungemete stincan, ðá wearþ Iuuinianus mid ðam brǽþe ofsmorod

    Jovian was one night in a newly-plastered house: then he ordered a great fire to be lighted therein, because it was cold weather. Then the plaster began to fume excessively, and Jovian was smothered with the vapour,

      Ors. 6, 32; Bos. 129, 9-12.
[Dut. kalk, f; Kil. kalck: Ger. kalk, kalch, m: M. H. Ger. kalc, m: O. H. Ger. calc, chalch: Dan. kalk, m. f: Swed. Norw. kalk, m: Icel. kalk, n: Lat. calx, m. and f: Grk. χάλιξ m. and f: Wel. Corn. calch, m: Ir. calc: Gael. cailc, f: Manx kelk, m.]
Derived forms
DER. niw-cilct.
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v.  calc.
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  • CEALC, n.