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  • noun [ masculine ]
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CEÁP, es; m.
Wright's OE grammar
§135; §335;
cattle; pecus
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  • Ðǽm landbúendum is beboden ðæt ealles ðæs ðe him on heora ceápe geweaxe, híg Gode ðone teóðan dǽl agyfen

    to farmers it is commanded, that of all which increases to them of their cattle, they give the tenth part to God,

      L. E. 1, 35; Th. ii. 432, 29.
  • Ceápas


      Cd. 83; Th. 105, 2; Gen. 1747.
  • His neáhgebúres ceáp

    his neighbour's cattle,

      L. In. 40; Th. i. 126, 15.
  • Ceápes cwild

    murrain of cattle,

      Chr. 897; Erl. 94, 31.
as cattle were the chief objects of sale, hence, —
Saleable commodities, price, sale, bargain, business, market; pretium, negotium, pactio, venditio, forum
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  • Ceápas

    saleable commodities, goods,

      Cd. 85; Th. 106, 16; Gen. 1772: 90; Th. 112, 28; Gen. 1877.
  • Deópum ceápe gebohte

    redeemed us at a great [deep] price,

      L. C. E. 18; Th. i. 370, 28.
  • Sume wǽron to ceápe gesealde

    some were sold at a price,

      Nathan. 8: Gen. 41, 56.
  • Awyrigende ceáp [MS. cep]

    malignum negotium,

      Lchdm. iii. 206, 32.
  • Ic gange to ceápe

    I go to market;

      Ælfc. Gr. 32; Som. 36, 23.
[Laym. cheap, chep value, purchase: Plat. koop, m: O. Sax. kop, m. purchase, money; O. Frs. káp, m. purchase, sale: Dut. koop, m. bargain: Ger. kauf, m: M. H. Ger. kouf, m. purchase: O. H. Ger. chouf, kouf, m. negotium: Dan. kjöb, n: Swed, köp, n. purchase: Icel. kaup, n. bargain.]
Derived forms
DER. land-ceáp, orleg-, searo-.
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v.  cép.
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  • CEÁP, n.