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  • verb [ weak ]
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cearian, cearigan, carian; ic cearige, ðú cearast, he cearaþ, pl. ceariaþ; p. ode; pp. od [cearu care]
To take care, heed, to be anxious or sorry; curare, sollicitum esse
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  • Hwæt bemurnest ðú cearigende

    why mournest thou sorrowing?

      Exon. 10b; Th. 11, 27; Cri. 177.
  • He æt gúþe ná ymb his líf cearaþ

    he cares not about his life in battle,

      Beo. Th. 3077; B. 1536.
  • Ne ceara ðú fleáme dǽlan somwist incre

    care not thou to part your fellowship by flight,

      Cd. 104; Th. 137, 25; Gen. 2279: 130; Th. 165, 16; Gen. 2732.
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  • cearian, v.