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cearig, ceareg, ceari; adj. [cearu care, sorrow]
Careful, sorrowful, pensive, wary, CHARY, anxious, grieving, dire; sollicitus, cautus, querens, mente turbatus, dirus
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  • Hie bidon hwonne bearn Godes cwóme to cearigum

    they waited till the child of God should come to the sorrowful,

      Exon. 10a; Th. 10, 6; Cri. 148.
  • Cearegan reorde

    in a sorrowful voice,

      Andr. Kmbl. 2218; An. 111.
  • Wæs Meotud on beám bunden fæste cearian clomme

    the Creator was bound fast on the tree with dire bond,

      Exon. 116b; Th. 449, 6; Dóm. 67.
  • Ne þurfon wyt beón cearie æt cyme Dryhtnes

    we need not be anxious at the Lord's coming,

      Exon. 100a; Th. 376, 29; Seel. 162.
Derived forms
DER. earm-cearig, ferhþ-, gnorn-, hreów-, mód-, sorg-, winter-.
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v.  carig ceareg ceari.
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  • cearig, adj.