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  • verb [ weak ]
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cwician, cwycian, cucian; p.ode, ade; pp. od , ad [cwic alive, quick] .
Wright's OE grammar
v. intrans.
To come to life, QUICKEN ; vīvĕre et spīrāre
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  • Wǽron ða leoma cwiciende

    the limbs were quickening,

    • Greg. Dial. 4,
    • 36.
  • Smire mid ða sáran limu, hie cwiciaþ sóna

    smear the sore limbs therewith, they will soon quicken,

    • L. M. 3,
    • 47;
    • Lchdm. ii. 338,
    • 25.
  • Se synfulla mid godcundre onbryrdnysse cucaþ

    the sinful quickens with divine stimulation,

    • Homl. Th. i. 494,
    • 15.
v. trans.
To make alive, OUICKEN; vivificare
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  • Me ðín spræc cwycade

    eloquium tuum vivificavit me.

    • Ps. Th. 118,
    • 50.
  • Ðú us cwica

    quicken thou us,

    • 79,
    • 17.
Prompt. qwycchyn̄ movēre:
Wyc. quikene, quykne, quycken to revive:
Piers P. quykne to bring to life:
Chauc. quiken to become or make alive:
Plat. queken , v. n. and a. to grow, cultivate:
O. Sax. -quikón, -quiccón:
Dut. kweeken to foster, manure, cultivate:
Kil. quicken, quecken nutrire, alere, educare:
Ger. er-quicken to refresh:
M. H. Ger. quicken ,kücken to make alive:
O. H. Ger. quikjan vivificare:
Dan. qwæge:
Swed. qwicka:
Icel. kweykja, kweykwa
Derived forms
a-cwician , ed/, ge-, ge-ed-
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v.  cwycian cucian.
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  • cwician, v.