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cyme, adj.
Wright's OE grammar
Becoming, convenient, suitable, lovely, beautiful, splendid; commŏdus, conveniens, aptus, splendĭdus
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  • Cumaþ nú and geseóþ, hú cyme weorc Drihten worhte

    come now and see what lovely works the Lord has wrought,

    • Ps. Th. 65,
    • 4.
  • Ðe on Chananéa cymu worhte wundur

    qui fecit mirabilia in terra Chanaan,

    • 105,
    • 18.
  • Gif ic míne gewǽda on wítehrægl cyme cyrde

    if I turned my beautiful garments into sackcloth,

    • Ps. Th. 68,
    • 11.
  • Ðæt ðú sí cymast ceastra Drihtnes

    that thou may be the most beautiful of the cities of the Lord,

    • Ps. Th. 86,
    • 2.
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  • cyme, adj.