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BET, bett; adv. [? from bet well; comp. betor better? contracted to bet; sup. betost contracted to betst, q. v. ]
Wright's OE grammar
§55; §252; §556;
BETTER; melius
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  • Ðá acsode he, to hwylcum tíman him bet wǽre

    interrogabat ergo horam ab eis in qua melius habuerit,

      Jn. Bos. 4, 52.
  • Ðæt se hwǽte mǽge ðý bet weaxan

    that the wheat may grow the better,

      Bt. 23; Fox 78, 24.
  • Hwonne his horse bett wurde

    till his horse should be better,

      Bd. 3, 9; S. 533, 34.
[Chauc. Piers bet : Scot. bet : O. Sax. bet : Frs. O. Frs. bet : M. Dut. N. Dut. bet : Ger. basz : M. H. Ger. baz : O. H. Ger. baz : O. Nrs. betr.]
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v.  a-bet bett.
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  • BET, adv.