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  • noun [ masculine ]
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HEGE, es; m.
Wright's OE grammar
§55; §386;
A HEDGE, fence
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  • Hege


      Wrt. Voc. 84, 56: Ælfc. Gr. 9, 27; Som. 11, 24.
  • Bebbanburh wæs ǽrost mid hegge betíned and ðǽræfter mid wealle

    Bamborough was first enclosed with a hedge and afterwards with a wall,

      Chr. 547; Erl. 17, 9.
  • Gá geond ðás wegas and hegas

    exi in vias et sepes,

      Lk. Skt. 14, 23.
  • Ðú tówurpe ealle hegas his

    destruxisti omnes sepes ejus,

      Ps. Spl. 88, 39.
  • Gif hryðera hwelc síe ðe hegas brece

    if there be any beast that breaks hedges,

      L. In. 42; Th. i. 128, 12.
  • Mid heora hegum ðe hí ymbsette wǽron

    cum septis quibus erant circumdata,

      Bd. 2, 13; S. 516, 39: Homl. Th. ii. 448, 22.
  • From hegum

    a silvis,

      Rtl. 118, 35.
[Hay, hey in provincial words, e.g. heybote, hayboot = hedgeboot the right of getting wood for mending fences, Engl. Dial. Soc. vols. iii. vi. Haies, hays ridges of lands as district boundaries, vol. iv: Prompt. Parv. hedge, hegge.]
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  • HEGE, n.