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-a, affixed to words, denotes
Wright's OE grammar
§133; §265; §564; §646;
A person, an agent, or actor, hence, All nouns ending in a are masculine, and make the gen. in an; as from Cum come [thou], cuma a person who comes, or a guest: Swíc deceive [thou], swica a traitor: Worht wrought, wyrhta a workman, wright: Fóregeng foregoing, fóregenga a foregoer: Beád or gebéd a supplication, praying, beáda a person who supplicates or prays: Bytl a beetle or hammer, bytla a hammerer, builder. Some abstract nouns, and words denoting inanimate things, end in -a; and these words, having the same declension as those which signify Persons or actors, are masculine; as Hlísa, an; m. fame: Tíma, an; m. fame: Líchama, an; m. a body: Steorra, an; m. a star: Gewuna, an; m. a custom, habit.
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