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  • verb [ weak ]
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þáwian, (þawian?); p. ode
Wright's OE grammar
§74; §153; §264;
To thaw (trans.)
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  • Se þridda heáfodwind hátte zephirus ... se wind tówyrpþ and ðáwaþ ǽlcne winter,

      Lchdm. iii. 274, 22.
[Thowes degelat (Deus), Wrt. Voc. i. 201, col. 2 (15th cent.). Thowyn or meltyn, as snowe resolvo, thowyn, as yce degelat, resolvit, thowe, of snowe or yce resolucio, liquefaccio, Prompt. Parv. 492. Her names ... were almost ofthowed so, that of the lettres oon or two were molte away, Chauc. H. of Fame, iii. 53. Cf. O. H. Ger. douwen, dewen, digerere, consumere: Icel. þeyja to thaw (intrans.).]
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  • þáwian, v.